How to Track a Cell Phone

Tracking a Cell Phone

For whatever your reason might be, tracking a cell phone can be done free or through a paid service. It simply depends on how much or little work you want to do or how much you are willing to spend to have somebody, or rather, some technology, do for you.

The point is; there are a plethora of options available from which you may choose, depending on your personal needs or ambitions, for starters.

Not all phones have GPS built in, but most phones are able to have a chip installed for that purpose, even later; after purchase. You can ask when buying the phone, or refer to the owner’s manual, or even contact the carrier of your phone service to find out if the phone has that capability.

Many phones do have GPS built in, but the system may be enabled or disabled by the user. If the phone does not have the GPS enabled it may not be possible to find the phone. The same is true if the phone is off or the battery is dead.

Whether or not a phone comes with a GPS already can vary from phone to phone, and carrier to carrier. Those are questions best asked at the time of choosing a phone and a service provider, to make it the easiest for you.

Even the ease of using the device will differ among phone manufacturers and service providers, so, do not hesitate to make your sales person earn their pay; grill them if you must, to come away with the service and product that fits your needs!

Advantages of the Ability to Track Cell Phones

You may be tracking a cell phone because somebody has gone missing, and in fear for his or her well being, you would like to find out where they are.

You will be hoping that they are still with their cell phone, of course, and even if the person and their cell phone have been separated, it can, to a reasonable degree, reveal a place where they have been.

You also must hope that their phone is on, so that the GPS (Global Positioning System) can work, and that it is not dead, of course.

So, too, the above should be kept in mind for the other reasons you may be trying to track a cell phone. Perhaps you are a parent that feels peace in being able to check on the whereabouts of your adolescent or teenager.

Parents also take advantage of the phone’s GPS to see if their kids are really where they say they are at any given time.

In that case, remember that you are ultimately in charge of the cell phone because you are paying the bill and handing it to a minor as a privilege  or for your peace, so you can make sure that the phone does have a GPS, and you can be sure it is enabled.

Hopefully, you can get your child to respect your request to keep their phone on at all times, and if they do not comply, that in itself may raise some questions needing to be addressed. So, this is where your personal habits and preferences are instituted.

Starting at Zero, Attempting to Reveal Cell Phone Info

Doing an Internet search on how to track a cell phone, you will be offered an opportunity to use a reverse phone number service, where you enter in a cell phone number. You may be told in which city it originated by its area code, which may be telling you nothing about where that phone is now.

You may find the name of the person or business associated with that number. With that, you may also get the phone number holder’s last known physical address. This comes from personal experience.

All of that could continue leading you to more information about the owner of that phone number as well, if you chose to go in that direction, as you will likely find plenty of links available to do so if you wish.

And you may pay for a service to enhance your odds of good results, but there are no real, true promises up front. You may simply be paying for a better chance of getting the information you are looking for.

Pertinent to Know

Above, how to find the subscriber of a number, or more realistically, whose name the phone is in, technically.

You may now have a good idea of how to find some initial information about the user of the phone number, but there is more to know:

As a for instance, if several members of a family have joined together in a family plan that enables discounts, you may very well get the name of the major account holder, or the original family member who instituted the family plan.

From personal experience, I can attest to that. My daughter invited family members to join her family plan, as it cut our bills in half. One day I made a call, and the person on the other end called me by my daughter’s name.

I remarked that it was funny, because I had not given my name, and she happened to call me by my daughter’s name. That is when I learned that my daughter’s name appeared on caller identification along with my number.

Someone trying the reverse number technique to track me by number could have led to my daughter’s name.

You Lost Your Cell Phone Or Had It Stolen

All of the information given above ought to be kept in mind when it comes to attempting to retrieve a lost or stolen cell phone.

The phone needs to have a GPS, unless you call the number and happen to have a scrupulous person answer and kindly tell you where they will put it to keep it safe for you. (That did happen to me once, years ago.)

Otherwise, the GPS needs to be enabled. The phone cannot be off or dead, and the phone must not have fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous person.

By: Jane Thomas